I knew we wouldn’t last forever but I’d hoped we’d be a little closer.

But I Can’t Change a Thing (#619: July 24, 2014)

Just because I love you doesn’t mean you’re worth it.

I Don’t Want to Hurt for You (#621: July 24, 2014)

The secret to healing is to let yourself hurt. The thing is, the pain always runs out. And when that happens, the only thing left to do is move on.

Take Your Time (#622: July 26, 2014)

Well I think I’ll be okay; I think I’ll keep breathing if you can just promise me one thing. Don’t you dare, ever, settle.

Don’t accept anything other than utter awe, someone that’s completely lost on how to express all that you evoke, but who is determined to spend forever trying.

I need you to not put up with half hearted loves, only loves that get consumed by the idea of growing old with you.

I can walk away, if I know you will only allow the best for yourself. I wasn’t that, and so I’ll leave with a heavy heart, and the knowledge that there’s not really much point in anything anymore.

You deserve so much more than I could ever give you; I wouldn’t know where to start in showing you how much I love you. But I do.

Words I wrote you. // r.m (via soulsscrawl)

I have no idea how he knows when I need him. We can go weeks without speaking, and then, when my blue moods threaten to turn black, he will show up and tell me my moods are
and suddenly the blue will not seem so dark, more like the color of a noon-bright sky.
He brings the sun.

David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility (via soulsscrawl)

I’m sorry
I never learned anything
But to love
And to leave.

I’m Trying to Stay for You (#625: July 30, 2014)